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Letv L3 Dual 3 Review : 2.5D glass, MediaTek Helio X25 2.5GHz

Letv L3 Dual 3 Review

Letv Le Dual 3 with a black body, the front covered a 2.5D glass; from the injection antenna to see, this model is still using the back of the metal material, color is the matte black, there are a very strong sense for the body. The biggest feature of the machine is its dual-lens design, unlike many traditional mobile phones, Letv Le Dual 3 as its two lenses as two “eyes”, together with the flash into a “face”, it looks quite cute.

Letv L3 Dual 3 Review

It uses 5.5-inch 1080p screen, equipped with MediaTek Helio X25 2.5GHz ten-core processor and 3GB memory, with 32GB non-scalable storage, in the camera, with the front 8 million pixel camera, the main lens with two rear 13 million pixel camera, takes 3900mAh battery.

Letv L3 Dual 3 Review

The performance of Letv Pro 3 or Letv Max 2 to be better than Letv Le Dual 3, but Letv Le Dual 3’s dual lens design may have a better camera effects, different positioning and features will make these series constitute Letv whole product system.