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Meizu M2 note VS Huawei Glory 4C : Excellent configuration, Low price

Meizu M2 note VS Huawei Glory 4C

Meizu M2 note and Huawei Glory 4C ‘s selling piont both is excellent configuration performannce with lowe price. So what are the difference between them? how about the configuration?

Screen, Meizu M2 note uses a 5.5-inch screen, resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels, using GFF all fit technology.

Meizu M2 note VS Huawei Glory 4C

Huawei glory 4C equipped with a 5.0-inch 1280×720 resolution display, using the IPS display technology and fully fit the production process. The screen with a high degree of saturation, which is more pleasing to the human eye. In the low-angle test, Huawei glory 4C demonstrated the advantages of IPS screen, the screen still maintained a high degree of saturation, brightness reduction also in the acceptable range, and didn’t impact normal use.

As a new work, Meizu M2 note in the configuration has a certain upgrade, equipped with 64-bit 8-core MediaTek mt6753 processor, with 2GB of memory and 16GB of storage space.

Meizu M2 note VS Huawei Glory 4C

The Huawei glory 4C uses its own Kirin 620 processor, with eight physical core, clocked at 1.2GHz, support 64-bit computing. Using the Cortex-A53 architecture and 28nm process production, and GPU for the Mali-450. Mobile phone RAM is 2GB, and ROM is 8GB, and the maximum support 32GB Micro SD card expansion.

System, Meizu M2 note equipped with the Flyme 4 system. And Huawei glory 4C equipped with EUMI 3.0, based on the depth optimization of Android 4.4.2, compared to the native system that the interface becomes gorgeous, with more options for domestic users have optimized, and added more interesting features.

Meizu M2 note VS Huawei Glory 4C

Take pictures, Meizu M2 note camera combination is still front 5 million pixels + rear 13 million pixels (F2.0 aperture), but optimized the ISP algorithm, take pictures better than the previous generation of products, the front camera still supports the depth of the United States Yan.

And Huawei’s glory 4C in the camera hardware configuration is still relatively high, the front camera for the 5 million pixels, using the Samsung / OV’s sensor, 1.4 micron pixels to make the performance of low light better, 22mm wide angle (88 Degree of visual range) to easy join more people together, with 4P group. Rear camera for the 13 million pixels, use of Sony / OV’s back-illuminated sensor, F2.0 large aperture to ensure adequate light, and with 28mm wide angle and 5P mirror group.