Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro- Battery Comparsion

Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro- Battery Comparsion

Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro
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Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro- Battery Comparsion

The most popular mobile phone in the near future are Redmi Pro and Meizu M3E. The price difference between Meizu M3E and Redmi Pro only 200 yuan, but the other difference between them is really a lot of. For example, Redmi Pro flagship gives OLED screen, dual core ten lens, metal wire drawing process, and Meizu M3E is more inclined to work and energy consumption, and also take mCharge fast charge technology to Meilan series. So today I will show you that Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro in charge.Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro

Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro- Parameter comparison

In Redmi Pro, Xiaomi again used the design of large electric power, battery capacity of Redmi Pro is 4050mAh. Theoretically speaking, Redmi Pro rated charging power can reach 10W.Meizu M3E VS

Compared to Redmi Pro, Meizu M3E’s battery capacity smaller: just 3100mAh. But has a better output voltage and output current. There is a 18W charging power.Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro

If the single point of view from the parameter, the maximum 18W power coupled with a smaller battery capacity of Meizu M3E will undoubtedly be more advantage. But these are just the official data, the actual performance of how is still need to let us actually test to get accurate answers.

Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro- Measured performance

To be fair, the two are also in the absence of a SIM card, not connected to the WiFi and try to make the state of the screen. Initial state is 0% power, and then record a percentage of electricity every 10 minutes, in the power of nearly 100% of the time began to pay attention to the completion of the time, according to the measured data, I draw the two to charge the trend chart.

According to the trend chart shows that: in the first 30 minutes, Meizu M3E’s power from 0% to 40%, in charge of an hour when it reached 77% of the electricity. And after 70 minutes of charging, the phone’s power reached 89%, followed by a gradual change in the charge rate. Power increased from 89% to 10 took 96% minutes, while the final stage of the 4% power is 10 minutes before full. This data is also provided with the official 30 minutes charge 50%, 1 hours charge 90% there is a certain gap.Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro

Redmi Pro in the first 10 minutes to have a more rapid than Meizu M3E charging speed, charging 10 minutes when the electricity reached 11%, 3 higher than Meizu M3E 14% percentage points, followed by Meizu M3E gradually reverse. In charge within 50 minutes before, Redmi Pro into the power to maintain a speed of about 10% of; since then to 100 minutes of this period of time, the growth rate dropped to about 7%; and it is full of the last 10% of the electricity is spent 24 minutes.Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro

Single from the time point of view, Meizu M3E compared to Redmi Pro in the charging time is short 34 minutes, has a lot of advantages.

Meizu M3E VS Redmi Pro- Sum up:

From the actual test we come to the conclusion that the use of the mCharge Meizu M3E does have a more powerful than Redmi Pro faster filling capacity. And its intelligent voltage and current control also ensures that the mobile phone charging more secure. If you have more emergency charging scenarios in the use of mobile phones, Meizu M3E is no doubt a better choice. And if the consideration is longer battery life, then a large amount of Redmi Pro has more advantages.