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Meizu M3E2 News

Meizu M3E2 News : Front Fingerprint Identify, 2.5GHz CPU frequency !

Recently, there is a new Meizu machine in the Ministry of Industry been certification and model approval, according to microblogging users broke news show that this may be the Meizu ME series‘s second generation, the fastest release date may in this month, but the news authenticity is unknown yet.

Meizu M3E2 News

Meizu M3E second generation will be listed that the news has been for a long time, recently, according to self-proclaimed Meizu store employees’ Meizu supervise news show that Meizu in this month will be launch a new machine that machine positioning at the midle-level market, equipped with MediaTek P25 processor, and will become the first Meizu phone that equipped with dual camera phone, the main selling piont is the camera.

Meizu M3E2 News

MediaTek P25 as an upgraded version of P20 last year, the CPU frequency up to 2.5GHz, and itt still using 16-nanometer low-power process. At the same time the most worth noting that, P25 also added 12 dual ISP, the highest support dual 13 million pixel camera configuration, which also enhanced the possibility of that the Meizu M3E second generation will be equipped with the double shooting.

Although the above news are still not be confirmed by the official, according to the Meizu product’s ups and downs rule, I believe this new young product should not be far away from us.