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Meizu m5 VS Meizu m3s : What are the difference between them?

Meizu m5 VS Meizu m3s

Meizu m5 and Meizu m3s both are the new machine of Meizu M series in 2016, so what are the differences between them? How about the parameters configuration? Which one is the better?

Meizu m5 compared to Meizu m3s, which has been slightly improved, the screen is bigger, the battery is bigger, added a new color, and ues different body material.

                                           Meizu m5                   Meizu m3s
Screen    5.2 inches 1280*750    5 inches 1280*1080
CUP                                        MTK6750 Octa Core
RAM                                                  2GB/3GB
ROM                                                16GB/32GB
OS                                                  Flyme 5.1
Network                                                     CNC
Camera                                        Front 5.0 MP + back 13.0 MP
Battery       3070mAh        3020mAh
Color     gold,rose gold,sliver white, blue, gold, green, black

Meizu m5 VS Meizu m3s

Appearance contrast:

Meizu m5 is the plastic body, provide white, blue, gold, green, black five colors to option. Meizu m3s is the metal body. Relatively speaking, Meizu m3s’s handfeeling is better than Meizu m5, because of the metal material.

Life, fingerprint recognition, price comparison:

Meizu m5’s battery has been slightly upgraded, the screen material resolution of Meizu m5 and Meizu m3s is consistent, so Meizu m5’s life should be higher.

Meizu m5 VS Meizu m3s

Meizu m5 has a faster fingerprint recognition unlock speed.

Price, Meizu m5 and Meizu m3S both are divided into the standard version and high – end version, 2GB RAM +16 GB ROM, priced at $100; 3GB RAM +32 GB ROM, priced at $120.


The difference between Meizu m5 andMeizu m3s is not so many, relatively speaking, with a metal body’s Meizu m3s is more attractive to users. But their digital products to buy new do not buy the old concept, so Meizu m5 is the better.