Meizu Will Change Logo And Release High-End Flagship Product

Meizu Will Change Logo And Release High-End Flagship Product

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Meizu Will Change Logo

It is said that Meizu will give up Meizu MX5 Pro, the reason of this action is Meizu will start with new high-end product line. Recently, a net friend announced that Meizu Will change Logo, some details you can learn from this article.
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About this new Logo, Meizu introduces: it uses thinner and thicker stroke than before, smart tech feeling is stronger, strengthening ‘Uplifting’ and lightness feeling.

Otherwise, new Logo PDF word also reveal an important point, it is high-end brand firstly comes out, although the name of this phone is not certained, but product line is clear, it includes Meizu M sery, MX sery and this high-end product.


According to old habits of Meizu, this high-end product will appear in this year, it may release in next year. About this high-end product, configuration will become the one factor, it will own better made.

It may own 6.0 inch 2K screen, carry Samsung Exynos 7420 Cpu and 4GB Ram, 20.7 back camera, it is not bad.

New Logo and Meizu new flagship product, how do you think?

My introduction has done, you can go to here to read more about  MX5 Review, and about more experience feelings, I will tell you the next time. I also recommend a good, which provides cheap and good phones.