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Meizu Mx6 VS Meizu Pro6 : which one i the better?

Meizu Mx6 VS Meizu Pro6

Meizu Mx6 and Meizu Pro6 both are the new machine of Meizu series in 2016, but whatt are the differnces  between them? how about the parameters configuration?

Meizu mx6

Meizu mx6 was equipped with MTK Helio X20 ten-core processor, the running storage is 4GB, the body storage is 32GB. Camera, Meizu Mx6 equipped with 5 million front camera and 12 million rear main camera. The screen took 5.5-inch 1080P resolution display.

Meizu Mx6 VS Meizu Pro6

Meizu pro6

Meizu pro series is the Meizu positioning high-end product line, so Meizu pro6’s priced started at around $390.

Meizu Mx6 VS Meizu Pro6

Configuration, Meizu pro6 was equipped with more high-end Helio X25 10-core processor, 4GB running storage and 32GB body storage. The camera is much higher than the Meizu mx6, which equipped with 21.16 megapixel camera and with a circle of ten pairs of color temperature flash around the camera. Meizu PRO6 also supports 3D Press interactive features, this 3D Press function is very similar to the Apple’s 3D Touch, they both are an interactive experience.

On the other hand, Meizu mx6 appearance is also similar to Meizu pro6.

Meizu pro6 and Meizu mx6 positioning is different, Meizu pro6 positioning in more high-end, takes a unique 3d press technology. In addition, the camera are also differences. Other differences are not significantly.