Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6- Which Phone Is Better?

Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6- Which Phone Is Better?

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Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6- Which Phone Is Better?

Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6
Not ling before, Meizu MX6 has been published. This phone takes Helio X20 processor, 5.5inch FHD screen, MCharge technology and Flyme 5.1 system. Compare another Meizu phone- Meizu Pro 6, which phone is better? Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6 can tell you some details.

From positioning point of view, Meizu Pro 6 is  position flagship phone, but Meizu mx6  is not entirely a flagship, because it is equipped with MediaTek ten core processor,which processor be common used in many thousand yuan’ machines, such as Letv 2, 360 mobile ,and N4S etc. So throunght analyzing the performance, we  can clearly see that Pro 6 is better than the Meizu mx6 . Let’s look at the results Bunny ran.

Meizu mx6 is equipped with a high frequency  MediaTek Helio X20 ten core processor, 4GB of memory to run and 32GB of storage, by ANN Bunny run test, the running results as shown below.

Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6

Meizu Pro 6 standard is equipped with higher specifications of MediaTek X25 ten core processor, 4GB of memory to run and 32GB of storage, by ANN Bunny run test, its running results are as follows.

Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6

From the point of view of the running of the contrast, the Meizu MX mx5 Bunny run score nearly 9.2 million, and Meizu Pro six Bunny run score is about 9.7 million, the gap of run score is only 5000. Although performance test is enough to explain the performance of Meizu PRO 6 more stronger than Meizu MX, the gap is not big.Therefore, the two’s performance is not  big difference,and the feedback of experience is also show that.

Photo,battery life, features

As Taking pictures, the front camera of Meizu MX6 and PRO 6 is equipped with  the same, the difference is only the rear main camera. The back camera of  Meizu mx6  is equipped with a 1200W megapixel rear camera,which is the world’s first starting a customized version of Sony IMX386 large aperture sensor, although the pixel isn’t so high,the experience large aperture camera is obviously improvement . In addition, the Meizu MX6 also give up the ring flash design of Meizu Pro 6 , and use color temperature of the flash.

Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6

Meizu PRO 6 is equipped with a 2116 million pixels rear camera, which belong to the high pixel camera, and equipped with laser focus,wether  the picture or the performance is perfect.

From the  evaluation experience ,  the Meizu MX6’s camera performance is very good, which can be seen as the best phone  within 2000 yuan . And in the Meizu Pro 6 evaluation we can know,with high pixel camera, laser focusing characteristics, camera performance this phone reaches the flagship level.

Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6

Bettery Life –  Meizu MX6 and PRO 6 are supporting mCharge 3.0 fast charge technology, equipped with 12V/2A high power fast charge charger, charging speed is very fast.In battery and battery capacity, Meizu mx6 built a larger capacity ,so the endurance performance of mx6 will be slightly better, but in the same screen size models ,the two equipped with the battery capacity are not large,but the life can meet requirements of mainstream users.

Meizu Pro 6 VS Meizu MX6

Special Features – Meizu PRO 6’s largest technology is that support the Press 3D pressure screen technology,which can bring similar 6S 3D Touch iPhone touch experience,but MX6 did not carry this black technology ,taht is deficiency. Other aspects, PRO 6 also built a HiFi chip, the sound quality is more superior than MX6.

Comparison  summary

Overall comparison, the Meizu MX6 and PRO 6 ’gap is not so large,beside the size and some details , the appearance of two is most same; In performance, PRO 6 is slightly stronger than MX6, and the sense of the screen and HiFi sound quality have obvious better than MX6, but the price is more expensive than the MX6.

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu PRO 6

In simple terms, Meizu MX6 and PRO 6, if you do not care so much about the hardware performance, the screen size and Press 3D pressure sensitive screen experience is probably the best way to distinguish them.

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