Meizu U20 VS Meizu U10- The Difference Between Two Phones

Meizu U20 VS Meizu U10- The Difference Between Two Phones

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Meizu U20 VS Meizu U10- The Difference Between Two Phones

This morning, Meizu has released a low-key Meizu U10 VS Meizu U20 two thousand Yuan new machine, the hardware still continued Meizu M3 Note specifications, but the appearance of change, the biggest change is the use of a glass body, which is the Meizu the first use of double-sided glass phone. So, which is better? Meizu U20 VS Meizu U10 can tell you some details.

the following small series to analyze the difference between the contrast of Meizu U10 VS Meizu U20.

Meizu U20 VS Meizu U10

Meizu U10

Meizu U10 takes 2.5D using double-sided glass + Metal frame design, with black, white, gold, pink gold four body colors. Charm Blue U10 front design and Meizu M3 Note as with 2.5D curved glass screen, mTouch fingerprinting Home key and the like. Slightly less than Meizu U10 positive top shape abandon conventional symmetrical design, sensors and front camera more casually. The back of the fuselage, Meizu U10 for the first time the camera design in the upper left corner, intermediate position different from the previous Meizu phone.

Meizu U20 VS Meizu U10


Hardware configuration, Meizu U10 owns the small screen, 5-inch 1080P screen, other specifications is same as Meizu M3 Note, equipped with MediaTek Helio P10 eight-core processor, 2GB / 3GB RAM and 16GB / 32GB storage space, with pre-5 million and rear 13 million pixel camera, built-in 2760mAh capacity battery, support the entire network, and supports 5G Wi-Fi, Flyme 5.2 is based on Yunos system.

Larger body size, the same double-sided 2.5D glass + Metal frame design, also has four kinds of colors, style and Meizu U10 identical. Except that the body size, the use of 5.5 inches Meizu U20 1080P Full HD screen, compared to the U10 to be larger fuselage.

Aspect of hardware, in addition to Meizu U20 screen larger outside, due to the greater body size, interior space is more than an adequate number, so the built-in battery capacity upgrade to 3260mAh.

In simple terms, the difference between Meizu U10 VS Meizu U20 lies mainly in screen size, body size, battery capacity of the three areas. This also led to the price of these two phones different, where the price of 999 yuan Meizu U10, Meizu U20 Price is 1099 yuan, 100 yuan price difference between the two.

Meizu U10 VS Meizu U20 – which is better?

Meizu U10 VS Meizu U20 title into the 5 inches small screen and 5.5-inch screen, both the hardware configuration quite the performance is the same, compared to the previous blue cell phone charm, Meizu U10 VS Meizu U20 the biggest bright spot is the first time the glass material, appearance is more refined fashion, like the glass of the phone user friendly coal is undoubtedly the better choice. For Meizu U10 VS Meizu U20 selection, the key is how you like small screen or big screen.