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Meizu M5 note Specs : Change Meizu M3 note to M5 note Just Because That!!!

Meizu M5 note Specs

Throughout the current thousand machine market, Meizu M5 note is definitely one of the excellent phone. For those who have not experienced the Meizu M note series of users, the Meizu M5 noteis also very attractive.

Now many peope who have Meizu M3 note want to buy Meizu M5 note, but they hesitate, they do not know, it is worth or not. There are 5 reason to change you phone.

Meizu M5 note Specs

1,The “full” metal body

People who have used Meizu M3 note know that this phone although use of metal as a material, it is not the true sense of the whole metal, that is, the machine uses a metal stamping + plastic patch technology, the back of the upper and lower ends Are plastic, which can be seen from the two kinds of material color.

Meizu M5 note is all metal body design, shape more Founder, lines more capable. At the same time also joined the anodizing and metal blasting process, the antenna is also used in nano-injection molding process, more metallic than the previous generation, the sense of quality is naturally higher, of course, the cost is higher.

2, expaned the storage space

Meizu M5 note is 3GB star, Large transport for multi-background tasks and large-scale application processing will be more ease, such as running the same ten software, and Meizu M5 note smoother than the previous generation.

Meizu M5 note Specs

3, fast charge technology

Meizu M5 note joined the 18W safe fast charge technology, with 4000mA, the charging speed is friendly too much. Meizu M5 note can half an hour from 0 to 30% or so, 90 minutes can charge full, but Meizu M3 note need two and a half hours.

4, the new algorithm new performance

Meizu m5 note equipped with Samsung’s CMOS (specific models unknown), the number of pixels 13 million, the unit pixel size of 1.12μm, an area of 1 / 3.06 inches, f / 2.2 aperture, are common in the low-end camera. But Meizu M5 note introduces a powerful ArcSoft rainbow professional algorithm, the overall image quality is undoubtedly been improved.

5, you should

It improve so many part even the peice higher, but it is worth.