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Meizu MX7 Rview : New Flaship Machine of Meizu !

Meizu MX7 Rview

Meizu mx7 is a new machine of Meizu mx series in 2017, it dosen’t release, and the accurate list time also nees to wait. Then how about the parameter configuration?Is it worth buying? how about the performance?

Meizu MX7 positioning flagship machine, equipped with 5.2-inch 1080P screen. Storage provide 4GB and 6GB two versions to option, the body storage is 64GB. Meizu MX7 with 2.5D curved glass front panel to support fingerprint recognition.

Meizu MX7 Rview

Meizu MX7 battery capacity above 3000 mAh, and support fast charge function. Meizu MX7 specific camera parameters are not published, but it support optical image stabilization feature. Previously, the Meizu MX7 support pressure touch and HiFi function, the current message is Meizu MX7 does not support the pressure touch and HiFi function.

This time, Meizu mx7’s CPU will use Qualcomm snapdragon 821 or more advanced snaprdagon new produce, which as Meizu and Qualcomm cooperation surprise!