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Nokia 8 PK Huawei P10 : Which One Is The Better?

Nokia 8 PK Huawei P10

Nokia 8 will have two different perocessor versions, respectively, Qualcom snapdragon 835 and snapdragon 821. It is news that snapdragon 835 has 64GB and 128GB two storage versions, running memory is estimated to have 4G, 6G, 8G third edition. Camera with 12 million +24 million pixels combination, the screen is not a hyperbolic screen, support SD card expansion, the maximum support 258GB.

Nokia 8 PK Huawei P10

Although this year called the Nokia return year, it is just a strategy. Nokia, after all, has not been through. Even now, the market for Nokia is looking forward to high, but the real decision is still on the user’s hands.

Compared to Huawei P10 and Samsung S8, most users may abandon Nokia, and choose Huawei Samsung, or Apple phone.

Nokia 8 PK Huawei P10

Huawei P10 processor is unicorn 960, 6GB running memory and 256GB body capacity, with a rear dual camera. There are two versions of P10 and P10 plus.

Samsung S8 equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, and cancel the home key.