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Nubia Z17mini Review

Nubia Z17mini Review : SONY MONO Senor, 7.45mm thickness

As the Nubia 2017 first phone, Nubian Z17mini uses a rear dual lens design and Sony custom lens, and the custody upgrade to 6GB, so that performance is more remarkable. Here are the four reasons to buying Nubia Z17 mini.

1, Dual Camera, High Picture Quality
Nubian Z17mini equipped with two Sony 13 million pixel rear camera. One of the color lens, with true color RGB sensor, which can collecting rich color information, showing dazzling quality; another black and white lens, with Sony customized full light MONO sensor, such as the Hawkeye-like to capture the details of light and shade, ensure the picture quality.

Nubia Z17mini Review

2, 3D Beauty Algorithm
Portrait mode can shoot beautiful pictures, but the Nubian Z17mini even more further, the beauty mode join the portrait mode, through the 3D beauty algorithm to accurately identify the contours of the face. Provide 1-10 level of beauty adjustment, before you press the shutter can real-time preview beauty effect.

Nubia Z17mini Review

3, Whole Metal Body
Nubia Z17mini body using metal integration process, narrow antenna into the nano-injection molding process, the appearance looks seamless. With 7.45mm thin body, elegant back design is well to fit the palm of your hand, delicate and comfortable matte feel. Using four-axis high-precision CNC technology, 90 fine milling cutter 60 minutes continuous processing, automatic robot 360 ° polished, and 600 seconds 205 mesh ceramic zircon sand sandblasting, 180 minutes anodized.

4, Excellent Battery Performance
Screen, CPU and background applications all are large mobile phone power consumption applications, NeoPower life technology through software algorithms, intelligent adjustment screen display brightness, intelligent scheduling CPU / GPU operation, depend on-demand to distribute the power, while freezing background power consumption applications, Collaborative management, so that Nubia Z17mini’s battery life to achieve a qualitative leap.