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Nubian M2 Review : 5.2 inch, Dual 13 million Sony CMOS

Nubian M2 Review

The Nubian M2 through the depth custom depth field chip and dual 13 million Sony CMOS brings a more outstanding 3D portrait beauty, show us see it in different from the traditional double shot on the efforts made.

Excepting the dual 13 million pixel camera achievements of the title of phone camera experts, the front 16 million pixel settings can also see Nubia’s attention to the self-timer. 3630mAh supplemented by battery NeoPower 2.5 power saving technology and 14nm snapdragon 625 processor, combined with 5.5-inch AMOLED screen, ensure the steady power performance. If you want a good camera and slim battery life phone, from the hardware configuration point of view, this phone can meet all you want.

Nubian M2 Review

Nubian M2 change fingerprint identification transferred to the front, and first use of solid-state fingerprint module, in the off state can not be pressed, only relying on built-in vibration motor simulation effect to achieve the press effect.

Nubian M2 Review

Nubia’s this pair of 13 million rear camera is not simple, it is Sony’s exclusive custom depth of the camera, the program looks like the traditional, a RGB sensor perceived color to capture the light; Light MONO sensor captures light and detail. With PDAF + contrast focus of the hybrid focus mode, focusing speed as fast as 0.1s. MONO sensor can be independently imaging, and can output more texture of the hardware-level black and white photos.

Nubian M2 Review

Nubian M2 takes a 3630mAh large battery, with NeoPower2.5 power saving technology and 26W low-voltage fast charge technology, the latest TypeC program, which is 5V-5.2A low-voltage high-current fast charge program, charging rate up to 26W.

Nubia UI 4 system design based on Android 6.0.1, high degree of playability, including cloud services, roaming services, the elderly model, covers the user needs from the all age need.