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Samsung GALAXY S7 edge Review : Added a micro SD memory card, IP68 level waterproof

Samsung GALAXY S7 edge Review

At first saw, you may think S7 edge looks so same with S6 series, but S7 edge’s details has been upgrade so much which compensate the deficiencies of S6 edge.

S7 series re-joined the micro SD memory card, an increase of IP68 level waterproof function. Different market equipped with different processor. Added screen’s light function, and optimize the sidebar.

Samsung GALAXY S7 edge Review

The front and the after side used glass and metal frame, joined the arc design. The S6 edge’s double-screen black edge problem is bother a lot of Samsung fans, and now Samsung perfectly solved it, the screen bent edge fit well into the aluminum frame, ensure the comfortable hand feel and beauty appearance.

Although the pixels from 16 million down to 12 million, but hidden many new technology. As for the key and interface part, Samsung GALAXY S7 didn’t change much, followed by the previous design specifications.

Samsung GALAXY S7 edge Review

Samsung S7 and S7 edge support nano SIM dual card dual standby, vice card slot using nano SIM and TF card slot two selected structure, support 200GB external memory expansion.

With 2K resolution Super AMOLED screen, display color sharp and accurate. The screen size was raised from 5.5 inches to 5.1 inches compared to S6 edge.

Samsung S7 edge increase Always-on Display (screen always bright) technology, through the principle of AMOLED self-luminous, in lock screen situation can also display the time, date, power, pictures and other information.

Of course, it equipped with a fingerprint recognition module and set under the front screen.