Xiaomi 6 News : Xiaomi New Flagship Running Score = Samsung S8...

Xiaomi 6 News : Xiaomi New Flagship Running Score = Samsung S8 ?

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Xiaomi 6 News : Xiaomi New Flagship Running Score = Samsung S8 ?

Xiaomi 6 News

Xiaomi 6 configures, including Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB memory and 12MP main camera, etc., and the rabbit run points is about 17 million, it can be said that the performance is quite to Samsung GALAXY S8, allegedly will be released in April 19 officially.

The main configuration, with the previous BFXbench disclosure of information there is no different, with 4GB RAM +64 GB ROM storage portfolio, pre-installs Android 7.1.1 system, and equips with Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor.

Xiaomi 6 News

With 8 million pixel front lens and 12 million pixel main camera, but the main camera is “double photo” that temporarily can not confirm. In addition, the machine’s touch screen resolution is 1080p, as for the engineering machine’s rabbit run points is about 17 million, with the previous exposure of the Qualcomm snapdragon 835 version of the Samsung GALAXY S8 (engineering machine) running results similar.

Xiaomi 6 will not equip with MIUI 9 system, but it will have iris recognition function, and really cancels the 3.5mm headphone jack and support a waterproof function, the phone front is very similar to Xiaomi 5s, and it still takes ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, the unlock speed has significant improved compare to the past.

Xiaomi 6 News

Xiaomi 6 will take 5.15 inch touch screen, supply by Sharp that the black border control very well. There are also white version and ceramic body, the phone thickness is less than 8mm, the weight is about 150 grams. With 3500 mAh battery, battery endurance is longer than xiaomi 5s, and the configuration is 4GB RAM +64 GB ROM start, there will be 6GB RAM +64 GB ROM and 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM version to choose, but it has no snapdragon 821 processor Low version device.

The insiders also confirmed that Xiaomi 6 is a dual camera design, and no single-lens version, but the person refused to disclose the main camera sensor model and whether the optical zoom function, only said that the phone with four-axis anti-shake technology.