Xiaomi mi6 PK Xiaomi mi5s : Parameters configuration compare!

Xiaomi mi6 PK Xiaomi mi5s : Parameters configuration compare!

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Xiaomi mi6 PK Xiaomi mi5s : Parameters configuration compare!

Xiaomi mi6 PK Xiaomi mi5s

Xiaomi mi6 is the new machine of Xiaomi launch in this year, so how about the configuration of Xiaomi mi6 and Xiaomi mi5s? Which one is the better?

Xiaomi mi6

Xiaomi mi6 with 5.15 inch screen, with bright blue, bright white, bright black three colors to option.

It uses four curved glass design, the appearance is very natural, the grip feeling is comfortable, the visual impact and feel even better than the hyperboloid glass. The four-sided glass body process is extremely complex, each piece of body uses 12 days to process, and through 40 processes to polish. This rounded feel also benefited from the stainless steel bright border that through 50 processes, 272 processes product.
Xiaomi mi6 PK Xiaomi mi5s

Hardware configuration

Xiaomi mi6 equips with China’s first global 10nm process commercial chip – Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor! The new Kryo 280 architecture brings higher fogs with lower frequencies. 2.45Ghz processor with frequency Adreno 540 GPU, the operation experience is excellent .


With rear dual 12 million pixel camera, achieves 2 times optical lossless zoom, you can shoot distant scenes more clearly, and Xiaomi mi6 also is the first 5.15 inch optical zoom dual camera phone.

Xiaomi mi6 PK Xiaomi mi5s

Takes 3350mAh large battery, combines with MIUI 8 system power optimization function, so that the phone could use a whole day. Qualcomm snapdragon 835 10nm process brings better performance, compared to the previous generation Qualcomm chip, snapdragon 835 power consumption reduced by 25%.

Xiaomi mi5s


Xiaomi 5s screen with 2.5D glass technology, the gold and dark gray back use of metal wire drawing + high anodizing process, and rose gold and silver back use matte anodizing process, while providing dark gray, silver, gold, rose gold four color to choose.

Hardware configuration

Xiaomi mi5S used the flagship configuration. Such as Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor, took 5.15 inch screen, 600 nits brightness, built-in 16 LED, supported the sun screen, luminous screen, high contrast, high color saturation, eye protection mode; full NTC function; Xiaomi mi5s high version equipped with pressure screen, UFS 2.0 storage.
Xiaomi mi6 PK Xiaomi mi5s


Xiaomi mi5S battery capacity is 3200mAh, and supports fast charge function.
Xiaomi mi6 PK Xiaomi mi5s


Xiaomi mi5S ran the well-known MIUI 8 system.

In general, these two phones both are very good machines, with special feactures and excellent configuration, higly recommend for you!